Brides Magazine at The Madarin Oriental Hotel


One of my favourite magazines to work with is Brides magazine. In the 3 years I’ve been in London I’ve been lucky to work with the brides team quite often.

They host an event every year at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel and we take care of the hair. It is a spectacular night, filled with champagne, canapés, glamorous dresses and lots of laughter.

Gustav Fouche Team20140730_184705 At the event we showcase about 8 designers, Sassi Halford is one of them, and also one of my favourites.

Gustav Fouche and Sassi Halford

Gustav Fouche and Sassi Halford at Brides Magazine, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Event.

All brides should attend an event like this. It gives you such a good overview on dresses,style,colour and body shape. IMG_0697 IMG_0699 IMG_0694                 The models looked fab and the hair amazing. I may have enjoyed the event more than the brides,especially with champagne on tap

Gustav and 3MoreInches Hair Products

Gustav and 3MoreInches Hair Products, anti-ageing haircare.

Grey goose reception Drinks Time (after work!)