Wedding Hair

It’s always special when you feel like you have become friends with someone and they ask you to style there hair for their wedding day. I always say how special weddings are, but this really felt amazing. The bride and I always have such a laugh in the salon and when the opportunity came up to do her hair for her big day, I was thrilled. I remember telling her to come in for a trial, her words to me was ” I trust you, you will make me look fab”. No pressure at all LOL.

We spoke about the dress and the feel of the wedding. She is such a natural beauty and I wanted to keep the hair relaxed, to match the feeling of the reception.

image2 image3I also got the opportunity to get my hands on the groom (something the bridesmaids dream off ). A pet hate of mine is when men have the hair cut too short for their wedding day. I reshaped the style and kept it slightly longer and finished it of with a little bit of paste.



A match made in heaven.