Art Fair

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst

I am the first to admit I know nothing about art, but I do like it…….

I do enjoy those days when everything just works and this was one of them. Woke up early, went for a run and met my friend at Lantana, one of my favourite breakfast places in London. It’s  cozy and you can sit really close to each other……just for a bit more……. spice. I had a chai latte, green juice and  delish egg and avocado on toast.


The art fair at Islington Design Centre was just fabulous. The art as well as the fashion kept me fascinated. There was everything from crazy art, I would not want for free, to outrageous hair and outfits. All of the above I loved. I had a great mentor, who tought me a lot about art as well as some cool stuff about the artist. For example: just because I dont like the look of a piece doesn’t mean it didn’t make me feel something. This made things much easier for me to understand as I’m all about feeling. Here are some pieces I loved:



Henry Moore. Suckling child 1930

Henry Moore.
Suckling child 1930

Joan's Vasconelos Azaleé 2013

Joan’s Vasconelos
Azaleé 2013

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst

Andrew Mackenzie Field Edge

Andrew Mackenzie
Field Edge

Carol Robertson Light Catcher

Carol Robertson
Light Catcher

Im a fond believer that no perfect day should end with out something nice. We went to food market in shorditch and what better way to end the day, but with a glass of champagne