Caroline Castigliano – a perfect day to see wedding dresses

February can be so dreary and cold but doing Caroline Castigliano’s
annual bridal event makes the month so much better.

Bride’s Magazine hosts the event in a function room at The Dorchester
for an air of old school fabulosity.

I have been part of the show each year since it started four years
ago, and I love it. It’s glam and super fun. I start out the day doing
prep with the models – there are 6 in all this year, 4 with their hair
down and 2 would go up.

The look and feel was glamorous and romantic, my fav. My lovely
assistant Summer helpedĀ  tong and pincurl the models while I started
on the hair up.

The hair down was kept soft and sexy. 2017 is all about the parting,
either centre or side. If it’s a side parting, make sure you tuck a
piece behind the ear ##### WHY? TO SHOW OFF SOME AMAZING EARINGS / TO

The hair up was like a dream. Both of my models had amazing hair. On
the first model we chose a low American Chignon. This is so elegant
and chic and spot on trend for this years brides.

The second model had an amazing look. To emphasise her amazing skin
and eyes, I tonged the hair and pulled it back into a ponytail with
volume through the top. At the back we created a controlled textured

Caroline’s dresses were out of this world. She had all the right
things in her design: class, sexiness, sophistication, playful,
traditional, modern, basically anything you would want in a dress.

SHOW TIME! The 120 guests arrived and sat 10 to each table. Along with
the other specialists, I spent 10 minutes per table talking to as many
people as I could. The ladies were amazing: naughty, cheeky and there

For future brides, this is an amazing event to attend. Caroline has some very impressive partners: