How to choose the perfect designer for your wedding dress!!!

We know that your wedding dress is probably the most important dress you will ever wear.  There are so many options these days. Would you like to be a classic English rose or to try something a bit more daring. We have set up a few ideas for you to consider before you choose your designer.

1. Your ideas


As a bride you know what you like, what you need is someone to help you achieve your goal. Finding images of things you like will make it easier for your designer to understand your wishes. Keep any pictures you find in a file or on pinterest.

2. Costs

We all know talking about money is never easy, but unfortunately it does cost money. Decide how much you want to spend before you start. The cost of fabric can vary greatly so knowing your budget is essential.

3. Time

Make sure you allow your designer enough time to complete your dress. We normally recommend seeing your designer at least 6 months before the wedding. Start your dress shopping sooner rather than later.


Berta Bridal

4. Research

Do your home work before you go and see your designer so that you have a clear idea of what you want. Social media makes things so easy. Look at their dresses and see what they have done before. If there are things you do not like then move on to a different designer.


Carolina Herrera


 5. Style

Know your own as well as your designers style. All designers have a style and find it difficult to vary from that. Make sure you don’t go to a bohemian designer if what you want is a corseted dress. There will be adjustments your designer will be happy to make to but don’t ask for something completely different. Best to find a designer that does what you like.

6. All your cards on the table

You want to have as much information as you can get. Have a list of questions ready. write them down so you don’t forget. Also take someone with you, that can be helpful. Getting your dress started can be very emotional but exiting

  •  How long will it take to make your dress 
  •  Can the designer make the dress in the time given.
  •  Do they have their own recommendation for your body shape and style
  •  Looking at the images you like, do they agree with the shapes you like
  •  How many fittings do you need and how often
  •  When do you do your last fitting
  •  When will you get your dress
  •  Do you need to pay a deposit and how much
  •  What will the final cost be

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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

This question always pops up during consultations….. to have or not to have extensions.

We have decided to give you the low down on the various types of extensions and have spoken to some top stylists .

Extensions were  invented to create volume and can also be used to add length. They can transform fine hair into something magnificent and enable people to create magical hair styles that could look full bodied and last all day. You can also add colour and texture with extensions without chemical damage to your own hair.

I always recommend you get 100% real hair as this curls and last much better. 

Extension varieties are………

1.Clip in


Every girl should have these somewhere in a drawer.

As teenagers we are always keen to try new looks and clip in extensions are perfect for that, they cause zero damage to the hair and they are very easy to use. 

 For brides they can be added to create a look, add length or volume and can give you that extra boost for your big day.

 If taken care of they can last a very long time.

 The only negative I can find with the clip in extension is that when doing an up style, the clips are solid and about an inch wide these need to be well hidden.

The cost of clip in extensions range from  £140 – £600 depending on quality 

 2.Individual extensions –  keratin tips or metal bonds

 These beautiful extensions last up to 3 months in the hair. They are individual bonds that you can place strategically where you need them. 

 Metal bonds use a metal clip to attach the extension to the hair.

Keratin bond is a more natural form – the bond is made from keratin like the hair and can be made very smooth in order for your brush not to catch it.

 The cost of individual extensions will vary on the amount and length of the extensions   



 These are my favourite as they cause no damage to your hair. They last about 6 weeks and are very easy to style. A section of the hair is plaited and the weave is attached to it. You can reuse the pieces if you take care of them.

 cost are £160 – £500


4.Strip extensions





These are amazing for a wedding or just an event. They can last up to 4 weeks as long as they are kept free of any oil.  They are easy and fast to attach and cause no damage to the hair. 

 Hair is there to have fun with. There are so many options there is no need to let a lack of hair be the dark cloud on your big day. 

James Simmons Portrait and Wedding Photography

James Simmons Portrait and Wedding Photography