Sun, salt water, chlorine, driving with the windows wide open: we put
our hair through a lot of torture in the summer. But with the help of
treatments, shampoos, heat protectors and tools, you’ll have a much
better shot at keeping your hair healthy.

I am very much against the use of silicone in any hair product, which
can make the right products hard to find. Over the years, I have built
up the perfect set though, so here are my top products for treating
your hair this summer.

1. 3″ More Inches life saver UV protector.

This gives great protection against heat and can also be used as a
styling aid. Apply to wet or dry and and leave to soak in. I love to
do plaits with it in as it gives the hair fabulous texture.

3″ More Inches life saver spray £19.50  

2. Dp Hue Acv Leave-In Hair Therapy

Apple Cider Vinegar Leave-In Hair Therapy harnesses the power of apple
cider vinegar’s vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty
acids to restore the pH and health of hair. It closes the cuticle
which allows for easy and natural detangling, while softening and
conditioning hair for a long-lasting silky feel. Amongst others, it is
infused with argan oil, macadamia oil, dandelion extract and aloe vera
to help retain moisture and prevent dehydration, without weighing the
hair down.

DP Hue ACV Leave-in Hair Therapy, $35

3. Restore proof mask

This mask will restore each strand of dry damaged hair. It’s perfect
to use once or twice a week. Restore Mask is ideal for dry, damaged
hair. It is silicone-free, of course, and it is formulated to be safe
for both colour and chemically treated hair.

Living proof mask £12.95

4. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

I  swear by this intensely reparative treatment, which softens and
strengthens even the most fried, bleached, beat-up hair. Though the
bottle recommends only a ten-minute application, those in the know
leave it on for hours, sometimes even overnight, to get maximum
benefits. It’s so good, we almost don’t mind the cloying, old-school

Olaplex no 3 £29.95

5. Number 1 brush

I love this brush and recommend this to all my clients.The No. 1 Brush does not pull or tug, which means brushing and detangling with no snapping or breaking. It is so gentle that in recent tests it was found to be an ideal solution to brushing children’s hair. So, for those looking for a multi-purpose brush that is kind to hair without compromising style, the No 1 Brush is the latest and greatest design on offer.

Number 1 brush £24.50

Hope your summer is going to be as good as mine…. Happy cocktails.