Top tips for the perfect blow-dry


Today we’re taking things back to basics and we’re talking about the blow dry – how to make sure you keep your hair hydrated and healthy while blow drying, and a my salon secrets for how to make best use of the drier itself.

It sounds like the most simple of devices – point it in the direction of your head, and your hair is dried off… but is it all that simple?

I’m going to let you in on a few of my salon secrets for creating volume or smoothing out frizz all while preventing the heat damage that can leave the hair fragile and prone to breaking.

But before all of that, I need to talk science.

I go into much more detail in my silicone treatments video, but for now I’ll just say that healthy hair is a combination of 3% water and 97% protein… when it is dry.

Using too much heat forces some water out of the hair, a bit like it’s being roasted in an oven.

When hair is in this dehydrated state, it loses its flexibility meaning it will break much more easily, it also loses that lustrous shiny look that we all love so much.

Stay tuned for my tips on how to make sure you’re not over-drying your hair.

So, now for those salon secrets…

First things first, remove the nozzle.

The nozzle directs the heat into a concentrated area which is great for smoothing the cuticle of extremely curly or frizzy hair. For the majority of us with anything from straight through to curly hair, removing the nozzle will mean the hot air can diffuse through the hair to dry more evenly and most importantly it keeps the heat concentration down which prevents drying off too much of that moisture.

Are you still using a nozzle? Give it a try without – I’m sure you’ll see the difference after just a few blow-dries. I’d love to know how you get on with the change, let me know in the comments below.

Up next – volume.

Whether it’s adding big and bouncy volume or smoothing down for a sleek finish, blow drying hair can change your look dramatically.

A friend of mine was telling me just the other week how frustrated he was that he couldn’t blow dry his hair to look the same as when I’d finished styling it for him. He wanted a soft, wavy quiff – like mine – but couldn’t get the hair to stay standing up.

He showed me how he was blow-drying the hair and he was making the classic mistake. He wanted to add volume, but just by holding the hair dryer in the wrong place he was actually straightening out his  hair, effectively removing the volume he naturally had.

Whether you have long or short hair, you can easily add volume by holding the drier at the root of the hair, blowing away from the head on a high heat and with low speed. For the more flexible among us, you can tilt your head upside down… or you could just use a brush to hold your hair up, and think about signing up for a yoga class or two…

For a sleek finish, blow the hair downwards running either a comb or your fingers through the hair as you do so to smooth the cuticle and reduce any frizziness.

Do you ever have trouble getting your volume right? Don’t forget to leave me a message in the comments for how you’re getting on.

And last but by no means least – how close to the hair should we hold the drier?

The tip of the drier can become really hot, actually touching against the hair can cause permanent damage to the individual strands.

I always recommend holding the drier no closer than an inch from the hair. Make sure you always direct the airflow in the same direction and the hair cuticle. This will help to keep the hair smooth.

So there we have it – my three top salon tips for keeping your hair healthy and hydrated just by using your hair drier as best we can.

I hope you’ve found these useful, give them a try and let me know how you get on. Stay tuned for the next video in this series where I talk products to go with the blow dry.

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