Sun damaged hair


Hi there, and welcome back to my channel!
Growing up in sunny South Africa I used to love being outside soaking
up that glorious sunshine… as we all know *now* though, the sun can be
damaging to our skin.
But what about our hair? Should we be concerned about sun damage?


In today’s video I’ll talk about how the sun’s rays can damage our
hair, and what that damage means for those of us with colour treated
hair, and how we can protect ourselves from the sun and keep our hair
healthy and looking just gorgeous.

I’ll show you a couple of my absolute favourite products for sun
protection a bit later so stay tuned for those, but for now – what
actually happens to hair when it goes in the sun?

I often talk about how important hydration is for keeping hair healthy
and feeling fabulous. But the sun’s rays can have a seriously drying
effect on the hair

It’s all down to how the hair holds on to moisture. Cuticles that run
the length of the hair that ordinarily hold onto the moisture are
damaged by the sun’s UVA and UVB, meaning they open up and lose their
moisture, drying out the hair.

Have you noticed your hair feeling drier in summer? Do you have any
favourite tricks for keeping your locks looking luscious when you’re
out in the sun? Let me know in the comments below.

Hydration aside, even the colour of our hair can suffer from being out
in the sun. Unlike our skin which turns darker as we tan in the sun,
our hair is bleached by the sun making it turn lighter. And this
bleaching effect increases as the cuticles of the hair open up more.

Colour treated hair often has the cuticles of the hair left open,
making them even more susceptible to being bleached by the sun.

What can you do to protect against the unwanted changes in colour of your hair?

Well – here are my absolute favourite products for protecting your
hair from the sun’s damaging rays.

As always, these really are the products I use, I’m not endorsed so
you’re getting my honest thoughts. I’ll add links to them both in the
info below

For me, you can’t go wrong with either the 3 More Inches Lifesaver
Spray with UV Protection or the Philip Kingsley Sun Shield.

Both can be applied to either wet or dry hair and left in without the
need to wash it out. Not only do they both protect against the UV in
sunlight and salty sea water, they can also be used as a styling aid
by scrunching into the hair to leave a really sexy wavy Giselle
Bunchen kind of beachy look.