Do you want to look young forever?

As a fond follower of all things fashion and fabulous, I know how important it is to take the best care we can of our skin to keep looking fresh faced and youthful.
Stay tuned for my own daily skin care routine.
Over the years I have tried many products, ranging from traditional to cutting-edge and through all price points with varying degrees of success. When you’re making your product choices I can definitely recommend ensuring that the ingredients in the product are of a high quality.
So what do I recommend?
Natura Bisse Cure Serum – Perfect as a night time treatment to freshen the skin, even after a great night out you look clear and bright in the morning.
Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye – I love this product. Unlike some eye creams, this soaks in so easily and leaves the skin feeling plumped and hydrated.
Kiehls Reviving Concentrate – I always try to avoid using products with any silicon derivatives in them, and this is my absolute favourite as an alternative to a regular cream based moisturiser. As a dry oil you need only a few drops to moisturise the whole face, and you can really feel the skin just drinking it in.
Repêchage Hydra 4 – pure hydration, I apply this at the end of my skin care regime to lock in all that lovely moisture.
Tips for applying eye-cream:
The skin directly under the eye is very fine, so eye cream should be applied with a light dabbing motion using the ring finger along the cheek bone line. As the product soaks into the skin, it will travel upward towards the eye through the fine skin. No more tingly eyes as your eye cream travels!