How to make yourself look good.

Want to look fresh and bright, glowy and radiant every day in spite of the daily assault on our skin – working hard, gym, socialising, they can all take a toll on our skin, and as men we often think that using make up will leave you looking like you’re wearing make up, when in fact there are loads of great products out there that can be used to create a perfectly natural look, just you on your best day!

To keep the look clean and avoid any oiliness or caking, all the products I am going to talk about are liquid rather than powder based, which is great for if you rock the stubble or beard look like me.

So here’s my make up routine for looking fresh after a long day before heading out for the evening!

To start off, make sure you’ve washed and cleansed the skin and followed up with a good quality moisturiser. It’s really important to start with hydrated skin.

I’m going to work on getting rid of the dark circles around my eyes, a few blemishes here and there and generally make me look radiant, just enhancing my natural skin.

Start with a just a dash of the primer, worked lightly all over the skin. I’m using Prime Time from Bare Minerals – BB Primer Cream (SPF30)… it’s very light, allowing the skin’s natural pigment to come through. 

Next I use just a tiny bit of concealer under the eye – the Bobbi Brown Pro Kit in a light tone just dabbed lightly under the eye and worked in to cover a little more of the dark circles.

Moving on to foundation – I use the Bobbi Brown 4.5 stick, lightly applied with the tip of a finger over any area that you feel needs it most. I’d apply it around any imperfections in pigmentation and a little around the concealer to help ensure it is blended seamlessly. The idea here is that it shouldn’t be possible to tell that I have make up on.

I love creating a subtle but impactful eye, nothing too much, just enough to make the eyes “pop”. I’m going to use the Studio 10 pencil in a light tan colour to draw just inside the water line to make the eyes appear wider and more awake and if, like me, you have redness in the waterline this neutralises it so well. For me, no eye make up would be complete without a dash of Chanel. I’m going to use the Chanel eye liner which I use through the lashes rather than on the outside of them, this makes the lash line look really thick and lush without being too obvious. And to finish, I love (mis)using the YSL Touch Eclat highlighter just on the inside of the eye to open them up even more.

Now for the lashes… If you’re going for a really natural look, you could visit your beautician to have your lashes tinted or lifted, I personally use both and can highly recommend it. For me though, I’m going to go ahead and use eye-lash curlers – as scary as they look they really lift the lash out and away from the eye, I’m also going to use Mali mascara (though I love the Clinique one too). I put the mascara wand right at the root of the lash, wiggle just a little and draw out to the edge to avoid any of that clumpy look you can get with mascara.

So that’s it – my natural look make-up. Even the longest day at work can’t stop me from looking fresh faced and ready to start all over again!