2018 Bridal Hair Trends

I just love a wedding, and I can honestly say that I am never more honoured than when I am asked by a bride-to-be to make her look fabulous on what is one of the most important days in her life.

For those readers who may not know, I am well established in the bridal Industry.  I head up the prestigious bridal team at Michael Van Clarke, and have had the opportunity to work with many brides-to-be – including a sprinkling of celebs – in creating a hair style that makes them look and feel amazing on their big day.  I am also priveleged to be invited to regularly style the hair for the bridal runway shows of some amazing designers such as Jenny Packham, and to contribute to Conde Nast’s Brides magazine, providing them with comment on upcoming trends.

So I thought it might be useful if I were to share with you the bridal hair trends that I have seen coming through for 2018 in the hope that it might provide inspiration for any brides-to-be out there.

The first thing to say is that 2018 has been a very interesting year when it comes to the hair trends on the runways of the bridal shows.  Looking at shows from the likes of Zuhair Murad (here), Carolina Herrera (), Elie Saab (here), Jenny Packham (here) and Berta (here), we can see that the designers are shaking things up and showcasing some new and exciting hair!

One of the big tips I can give for brides of 2018 is to not be scared to experiment with their hair.  Obviously, a stylist’s first priority should always be to work with the bride to focus on complementing her dress.  But during this exciting process, here are some of the trends we are seeing coming through for 2018 that you and your stylist might like to play around with for your big day:

Plaits, Waves & Texture

This is one of the biggest trends we see for 2018, and it’s a versatile one that you and your stylist can experiment with.  What I mean by this is that you can have your hair either high or low by adding a plait and really pulling it out; the same goes for adding in waves/texture too.  What I particularly love about this trend is that it can add an ethereal and even quite dramatic look to the bride.  For 2018, texture is definitely key, and you can go as dramatic or as low-key as you like with it.


High Hair

Another big trend on the bridal runways is very high hair.  Now this is one of my favourite styles because it really elongates the face, showing off the bride’s beautiful neck and I think it’s really sexy, but also girly and fun.  I am a firm believer that a little bit of cheekiness on your wedding day is really important!  So don’t be afraid to lift up your hair to really open up your face to show off all of your fantastic and beautiful features.


American Chignons

Now I know high hair is not for everybody.  So perhaps the American Chignon is one to consider.  For me, this style is super classic and elegant.  I always remind clients that the more classic they go with their style, the more timeless their photos from the big day will be – and wedding photos are going to be with them long after the wedding!  If this is too classic a style for you, work with your stylist to add texture with a bit of a wave, or make it a little softer by having pieces of hair falling around the face.  Doing either or both of these will add interest to the final look.




Another huge trend coming through is the use of ribbons.  Instead of more classic jewelled head-pieces, we are seeing the use of, for example, velvet ribbons.  I think this look is such a statement, and I love it when clients come to me, requesting a big pony-tail for the reception, which I love finishing with a velvet ribbon.  It gives such an elegant and under-stated but really impressive look!

Personally, I love any type of accessory in the hair.  However, if you want to be bang on trend for 2018, you might like to consider accessorising with ribbons as an alternative to anything jewelled.  If you choose to go down this route with your stylist, my advice is to make it velvety, make it lush, make it inviting and make it sexy!


Rapunzel Plaits

Now we may have seen this trend on the bridal runways, but I think the jury is still out regarding whether we will actually start seeing clients requesting this style for their wedding.  For me personally, to carry off this look, you must be either a very editorial bride, or wearing a dress that is very simple and plain to really make this hair work for you.  If you are a bride that wants to keep their dress very simple, but who wants to make a statement with their hair instead, this is the look for you.  I love this look and there are different variations of this style that you can use to work with your dress.  It needn’t be overly dramatic and can be softened with the pinned hair up and twisted around more gently to create less of a statement or editorial look.


My thoughts…

Now if the above trends do not appeal to you, and you like your hair to be flowing, don’t be afraid to experiment with having your hair down, and to play with different textures through it.  Here are a few options you might like to consider:

Half-up-half down (…as I like to call it)

I think this look is stunning and definitely one to consider if having your hair up completely is not for you, and you like your hair to be loose and flowing.  For a finishing touch, this style looks great when dainty flowers, such as Gypsophila, are woven into the hair.

Low side-plait

I recently created a look for one of my clients who did not want her hair up by plaiting it to one side to produce a beautiful shape through the lengths.  It tumbled down one shoulder and looked absolutely stunning on her.


If you want to show off your stunning features, but do not want to have your hair pinned up and off the face, my advice would be to consider a sleek centre parting, with the hair pulled back off the face and tucked behind the ears.  One of the things I will often advise my clients is that ears are the ornaments of youth and they should not be afraid to show them on their big day.  If we take a look at celebrities on the red carpet, they rarely have their ears covered and will usually have one or both ears showing – precisely because it looks youthful and fresh to do so.

One of the styles I love on my clients is to tuck the hair behind both ears and to give the hair at the back a slight wave.  This is a look that is popular with the likes of Kendall Jenner and is so elegant and sexy, it is also perfect for your evening celebrations!

My final thoughts…

I think so much time can be spent on the planning of the weddings that a lot of brides become so stressed on their wedding day, they find it hard to have fun.  So my advice is to have fun experimenting with your hair, your makeup and your wedding dress in the run up to the big day, and to really make them work for you.  And then when you arrive at your wedding venue, forget about it, have a shot of tequila or a glass of wine, dance with your partner and enjoy the party.  If you have a good team around you, remember you have nothing to worry about!

So I hope the above provides you with some inspiration for your big day.  I would love to know which of the trends appeal to you, so please do let me know in the comments below.  Or tag me in your photos (put your Insta tag in here) so that I can share your fabulous creations!


I hope this helps you find the perfect style for your wedding day. If you have any questions or want advice, please let me know.