How to avoid getting older.


Great looking skin and hair are so important when it comes to looking
good. Keeping them both in top  condition is a must.

I have been using Natura Bisse eye cream for some time now and I must
say i LOVE it… it’s just delicious on the skin!

See below how i got along with the 3 step skin peel, lift and firm. if
you want fabulous, glowing skin this is a must watch.



A long table filled with masses of florals, gold flourishes and elegant glassware is the ultimate way to add a tasteful hint of glam to your wedding reception.

For a tasteful décor touch, gold is a super chic way to ramp up the luxe for your reception décor styling. Small touches can add a lavish feel and the metallic hue works brilliantly with many colour palettes. We love combining simple creams and pretty pastel shades with delicate splashes of shimmering gold from cutlery and flash rimmed glassware to edible gold leaf biscuits and tall stem vases.

Pastel shades with delicate pops of powder blue compliment gold touches perfectly – think blousy hydrangeas combined with delicate ivory and peach roses in all shapes and sizes. Keep foliage to a minimum to ensure the overall look is contemporary, fresh and clean. To give floral arrangements the extra WOW factor, combine differing arrangements in varying heights and vases.

Gold glassware, charger plates and cutlery are the top choice to carry the theme through every inch of your décor styling. Modern glass candelabras and urns are the perfect contemporary style nod to update a trad colour theme. We love ghost chairs and metallic linen to give ultimate standout to all golden dashes.

When it comes to adding gilded finishes to your reception scheme, a desert table brimming top-to-toe with all sorts of scrummy treats is a great way to create a cool décor feature. From biscuits to cute cupcakes and the main wedding cake itself, the addition of gold trimmings with hand-worked sugar flowers is the perfect way to carry the theme right through to the edible elements of your big day.


Add drama to your wedding hairstyle with a fresh floral headpiece – the perfect switch up from a traditional veil or hair clip.

Pretty floral crowns are a super cute way to add a little boho cool to your big day. From blousy peony filled blooms to delicate twists of wax flower, there’s so many different styles to choose from. And not just for bohemian brides, there’s heaps of designs whatever your big day theme. Our tip for picking the perfect headpiece? Choose something seasonal that not only compliments your style and dress but mirrors your floral theme: If you’re an ethereal, Temperley type bride getting hitched in the Spring, opt for a statement crown jam-packed with sweet pastel-hued flowers in all sorts of sizes and textures: The palest pink roses and peach ranunculi intertwined with cream florals and greenery is the perfect dramatic addition to a trad headpiece. Alternatively, if you’re an Oscar de La Renta type city-chic bride getting wed in the winter months, a floral crown can still look seriously stylish: opt for a wreath of earthy evergreen and tiny white spray roses intertwined with pearls – pair with a red lip and fur wrap for the perfect contemporary nod to floral styling.

Check out our gallery for more gorgeous floral crown ideas.



Sun, salt water, chlorine, driving with the windows wide open: we put
our hair through a lot of torture in the summer. But with the help of
treatments, shampoos, heat protectors and tools, you’ll have a much
better shot at keeping your hair healthy.

I am very much against the use of silicone in any hair product, which
can make the right products hard to find. Over the years, I have built
up the perfect set though, so here are my top products for treating
your hair this summer.

1. 3″ More Inches life saver UV protector.

This gives great protection against heat and can also be used as a
styling aid. Apply to wet or dry and and leave to soak in. I love to
do plaits with it in as it gives the hair fabulous texture.

3″ More Inches life saver spray £19.50  

2. Dp Hue Acv Leave-In Hair Therapy

Apple Cider Vinegar Leave-In Hair Therapy harnesses the power of apple
cider vinegar’s vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty
acids to restore the pH and health of hair. It closes the cuticle
which allows for easy and natural detangling, while softening and
conditioning hair for a long-lasting silky feel. Amongst others, it is
infused with argan oil, macadamia oil, dandelion extract and aloe vera
to help retain moisture and prevent dehydration, without weighing the
hair down.

DP Hue ACV Leave-in Hair Therapy, $35

3. Restore proof mask

This mask will restore each strand of dry damaged hair. It’s perfect
to use once or twice a week. Restore Mask is ideal for dry, damaged
hair. It is silicone-free, of course, and it is formulated to be safe
for both colour and chemically treated hair.

Living proof mask £12.95

4. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

I  swear by this intensely reparative treatment, which softens and
strengthens even the most fried, bleached, beat-up hair. Though the
bottle recommends only a ten-minute application, those in the know
leave it on for hours, sometimes even overnight, to get maximum
benefits. It’s so good, we almost don’t mind the cloying, old-school

Olaplex no 3 £29.95

5. Number 1 brush

I love this brush and recommend this to all my clients.The No. 1 Brush does not pull or tug, which means brushing and detangling with no snapping or breaking. It is so gentle that in recent tests it was found to be an ideal solution to brushing children’s hair. So, for those looking for a multi-purpose brush that is kind to hair without compromising style, the No 1 Brush is the latest and greatest design on offer.

Number 1 brush £24.50

Hope your summer is going to be as good as mine…. Happy cocktails.

Jenny Packham 2018 Bridal collection

Fresh off the press: Jenny Packham’s new bridal collection – Circus.

The collection, inspired by Colin Thubron’s novel ‘Falling’, tells the story of a man’s fatal attraction to a circus acrobat, Clara the Swallow. Clara’s exotic beauty, courage and love of freedom inspired Jenny to create this collection of gowns, featuring all of Jenny’s signature luxury embellishments and sequins.

I am in love with this collection, especially the diversity of the dresses. Scarlet reds, sequinned crop jackets and sculptured corsetry alongside big ballerina skirts.

The collection has something for every one. I hope you all love it as much as I do.




Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

This question always pops up during consultations….. to have or not to have extensions.

We have decided to give you the low down on the various types of extensions and have spoken to some top stylists .

Extensions were  invented to create volume and can also be used to add length. They can transform fine hair into something magnificent and enable people to create magical hair styles that could look full bodied and last all day. You can also add colour and texture with extensions without chemical damage to your own hair.

I always recommend you get 100% real hair as this curls and last much better. 

Extension varieties are………

1.Clip in


Every girl should have these somewhere in a drawer.

As teenagers we are always keen to try new looks and clip in extensions are perfect for that, they cause zero damage to the hair and they are very easy to use. 

 For brides they can be added to create a look, add length or volume and can give you that extra boost for your big day.

 If taken care of they can last a very long time.

 The only negative I can find with the clip in extension is that when doing an up style, the clips are solid and about an inch wide these need to be well hidden.

The cost of clip in extensions range from  £140 – £600 depending on quality 

 2.Individual extensions –  keratin tips or metal bonds

 These beautiful extensions last up to 3 months in the hair. They are individual bonds that you can place strategically where you need them. 

 Metal bonds use a metal clip to attach the extension to the hair.

Keratin bond is a more natural form – the bond is made from keratin like the hair and can be made very smooth in order for your brush not to catch it.

 The cost of individual extensions will vary on the amount and length of the extensions   



 These are my favourite as they cause no damage to your hair. They last about 6 weeks and are very easy to style. A section of the hair is plaited and the weave is attached to it. You can reuse the pieces if you take care of them.

 cost are £160 – £500


4.Strip extensions





These are amazing for a wedding or just an event. They can last up to 4 weeks as long as they are kept free of any oil.  They are easy and fast to attach and cause no damage to the hair. 

 Hair is there to have fun with. There are so many options there is no need to let a lack of hair be the dark cloud on your big day. 

James Simmons Portrait and Wedding Photography

James Simmons Portrait and Wedding Photography

Caroline Castigliano – a perfect day to see wedding dresses

February can be so dreary and cold but doing Caroline Castigliano’s
annual bridal event makes the month so much better.

Bride’s Magazine hosts the event in a function room at The Dorchester
for an air of old school fabulosity.

I have been part of the show each year since it started four years
ago, and I love it. It’s glam and super fun. I start out the day doing
prep with the models – there are 6 in all this year, 4 with their hair
down and 2 would go up.

The look and feel was glamorous and romantic, my fav. My lovely
assistant Summer helped  tong and pincurl the models while I started
on the hair up.

The hair down was kept soft and sexy. 2017 is all about the parting,
either centre or side. If it’s a side parting, make sure you tuck a
piece behind the ear ##### WHY? TO SHOW OFF SOME AMAZING EARINGS / TO

The hair up was like a dream. Both of my models had amazing hair. On
the first model we chose a low American Chignon. This is so elegant
and chic and spot on trend for this years brides.

The second model had an amazing look. To emphasise her amazing skin
and eyes, I tonged the hair and pulled it back into a ponytail with
volume through the top. At the back we created a controlled textured

Caroline’s dresses were out of this world. She had all the right
things in her design: class, sexiness, sophistication, playful,
traditional, modern, basically anything you would want in a dress.

SHOW TIME! The 120 guests arrived and sat 10 to each table. Along with
the other specialists, I spent 10 minutes per table talking to as many
people as I could. The ladies were amazing: naughty, cheeky and there

For future brides, this is an amazing event to attend. Caroline has some very impressive partners: