Honey Blonde

Embrace the warm allure of Honey Blonde, a timeless shade that captures the essence of sun-kissed beaches. With hints of butterscotch, caramel, and soft strawberry tones, this rich hue adds depth and radiance to any blonde base. Honey blonde is more than just a colour; it's a mood that complements warmer skin tones while enhancing a wide range of complexions. Get ready for a wave of requests for these lusciously warm blondes that are back in the spotlight!

Bronze Tones

Step into sophistication with Bronze Tones that mirror the elegant gleam of metal. Imagine a warm sheen that dances gracefully, neither too orange nor overly gold. Perfectly suited for brunettes and dark blondes, these bronze hues offer a gradual transition that elegantly breaks up your tresses, adding a touch of intrigue to your locks.

Lighter Ombre Ends

Revitalise your ombre style with Lighter Ombre Ends, a contemporary take that's a far cry from the ombre trends of yesteryears. This hand-painted, balayage technique focuses its magic on the ends, creating a captivating blend that effortlessly blurs any lines of demarcation. Say goodbye to harsh contrasts and hello to a gentle brightness that starts from the nose or cheekbones, embracing subtlety and grace.

Subtle Redheads

Experience the allure of Subtle Redheads, where natural red tones take centre stage. Bid adieu to overly peachy or vibrant fire reds, and welcome a more refined, neutral approach. With shades that gracefully intermingle with brunettes, these subtle reds exude a sophisticated charm that's sure to turn heads.

Colour Blocking 

Unleash your inner artist with Colour Blocking, a vibrant canvas of creativity. Merge multiple colours, play with bold placements, and indulge in peekaboo hues that range from softly diffused to confidently bright. Your styling possibilities are boundless; let your imagination run free, break barriers, and dare to blend shades that might not typically mingle. Embrace the adventurous spirit within you and make a statement that's uniquely your own.

By Gavin