Anamaria: Stylist

Artist Anamaria Dumitrache has always had a natural affinity for hair but discovered the true strength of her passion for the industry after relocating to London and training to become a hair stylist at a top Marylebone salon.

Specialising in the art of the dry cut, with an NVQ level 2 Hairdressing Diploma, Anamaria’s attention to detail, energetic drive and communicative nature instantly impresses.

Constantly inspired by the latest glossies, street fashion and the talented people she works with, Anamaria’s finger is hot on the pulse. And, with her sights set on becoming a specialist colour technician, the future is looking vibrant.

Latest Instragram
Ladies Cut and Finish 75
Gents Cut 55
Child Cut (8-17 Years) 45
Child Cut (0-7 Years) 35
Blow Dry 38
Full Head Highlights 140
Half Head Highlights 125
Hairline and Parting Highlights 110
Root Tint 70
Full Head Tint 80
Tint and Partial Highlights 135
Tint and Half Head Highlights 150
Balayage Full Head 150
Balayage Half Head 135
Balayage Partial 120
Salon Treatments
Keratin 220
Malibu 20
Shine 25
Colour Saver 20
Colour Booster 25