Many people don’t realise how many men struggle with premature balding unless you are experiencing that problem yourself. With all the different lotions and tonics out there, the amount of information and remedies can be quite overwhelming. We’re here to give you some advice, tips and tricks on how to deal with premature balding.

Did you know that 95% of all balding men suffer from male pattern baldness? This starts with the receding of the hairline and the hair getting thinner towards the top of the head. Regardless of this problem, we all deserve a good stylish hairstyle, but please stay away from the comb over, especially on a very windy day.

Try to avoid combing all of the hair straight back, as this will put more emphasis on the receding hairline. Choose your products wisely and stay away from gel, as this will clump the hair together and expose the scalp even more. My recommendation is a styling cream or balm. Enquire about something that is not sticky or too greasy, which can be applied to dry or damp hair, a product that will allow the scalp to breathe. This product should ideally be sulphate, petroleum and paraben free, the last thing you want on thinning hair is product buildup or harsh chemicals. 

Invest in a good quality shampoo and scalp tonic, there is hundreds of products on the market to choose from but make sure you have a shampoo that will cleanse the scalp of impurities, remove build up, but will leave the scalp nourished and the hair soft and manageable, avoid silicone based products at all time.

My product recommendations are: Leonor Greyl Concentré Énergétique, a deep energising washing treatment to regenerate scalp tissue and encourage hair growth, will leave the hair with volume and shine. And to style, Leonor Greyl Éclat Naturel, a nourishing styling cream, will leave the hair soft and nourished thanks to the Jojoba oil and Shea butter.

As tempting as it may be to grow your hair longer to compensate for the thinning thereof, longer hair will separate more and like the gel will expose more of the scalp. More people are accepting of male baldness these days, so the ultimate balding haircut is a shave or at least a very short buzz cut. This has become very popular and can be shaped by keeping the sides and back even shorter or faded, you might be surprised by people’s positive reactions and comments.

During the summer months or on holiday, make sure you apply a SPF to your scalp to avoid sunburn and try to wear a hat or cap if you can! 

Balding could be a hereditary problem or you might suffer from premature baldness but more and more younger guys these days have this problem, but this doesn’t mean it's all over. By avoiding certain hairstyles, products and without hanging on to your length, you too can have a trendy and professional hairstyle. I would know, I am one of those guys!

Words by Gavin