Here are a  couple of useful tips if you have thin hair. Thin hair is quite a common occurrence amongst a lot of people, if you try some of these helpful tips hopefully one can achieve a bit more volume and fullness giving the hair more volume.

  • Try to avoid applying conditioner on the scalp area, as this will weigh the hair down.
  • Having too many layers in you hair  will remove bulk and fullness, this is what you are trying to maintain. Your hairstylist will guide you through what he/she recommend. 


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  • If you can try and stay away from using too much heat styling on the ends, this includes straightness and tongs. A soft wave does give the hair movement and fullness but you do need a  good technique to help you achieve the look correctly.
  • Use a salt spray before you blow dry the hair, this will give the hair a bit more substance and avoid that ‘too clean’ feeling.
  • When blow drying the hair, dry the hair upside down. By lifting the root area it will help you get more volume and bounce. 


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  • Try not to over shampoo the hair by  useing a good dry shampoo in between washes will also prevent the hair from being limp and heavy.
  • A recommended product for thin or fine hair is Leonor Greyl, Bain Volumateur Aux Algeus, Bain Vitalisant B.


Written by Gavin