It might sound boring but never underestimate the power of the classic bobby pin! This tiny hair accessory  may seem modest, but it’s making a major comeback.

Bobby pins and hair clips have always been a retro favourite and are now making regular appearances on red carpets, events, tv shows and in fashion magazines.

There is a correct and incorrect way to wear a bobby pin: Instead of sliding the bobby pin with the wavy side up, flip the bobby pin over and use its wavy side facing down. The ridged grooves will hold on to the hair better, leaving the flat surface on the top.


If you only have plain bobby pins at home clip a few pins to a piece of paper, then take your favourite nail polish colour and paint the bobby pins.

They are a wonderful hair accessory and very easy to use. I have created so many looks using only the bobby pins.

Let me know what you think. I would love to see how you used your bobby pins. Please tag me at @gfstylist_anamaria