A lot of people with curly would love to have straight hair and people with straight hair envy those with curls: the volume the bounce the movement. I guess we always want what we don’t have.

With the right programme of care your curls will be kept in prime condition, full and bouncy and free of any frizz or tangles.

Photo credit https://pin.it/k5C9x80

Looking after curly hair is very important and in most cases  less is more.

The first step to having good curly hair is a good haircut. Someone that understands how to cut curly hair, understands the importance of shape and fullness. Curly hair should preferably be cut dry, as it can appear deceptively straight when it is wet.

A soft curl enhancing spray or mist will provide moisture and prevent frizz. Always use a good quality product to be sure your hair won't be left feeling sticky, and looking dull and dry. Especially something to avoid if your hair is naturally on the drier side.

A final tip for when you're going out or have more time to spend on your hair, use a tong or straightener to add extra curl into your hair.  Especially at the end of the day before you go out so you don’t have to wet your hair again.

Finish it off with a shine spray, which is always very handy and beneficial for curly hair. Alternatively, use a water spray bottle and lightly dampen the hair down, reapply your styling product of choice and diffuse or leave to dry naturally. A great product to use on curly hair is the Leonor Greyl, Algues Et Fleurs.