With all the different hairstyles out there and guys wanting more length on top, the undercut is a great option.

The undercut gives you short sides and back, but you have quite a bit of length on top, whether you wear your hair straight, wavy or curly. It gives you the illusion of longer hair, but clean sharp sides.

Photo credit https://pin.it/3FgTrqd

This haircut is great to customise  to your needs and personal taste, it can be styled all back or slightly to the side, messy or more sculpted. It is of paramount importance that you get the proportions and balance right. Having some texture through the top will prevent the hair from being too heavy and too disconnected from the short sides and back. Like with most of these fashionable trendy haircuts, the disconnected fade requires regular upkeep, to keep it sharp and clean.

For the guys that enjoy their hair longer, the man bun is a great combination with the undercut.   There is the options to wear the hair up or some guys enjoy  wearing the hair in a ponytail. The most important thing to remember is to  keep those sides tight and short.

A little tip for the undercut is to not have the undercut too high, this limits your options of how to wear the hair and create a very strong disconnection.  I can honestly say, that there is such a haircut as being short but long or the other way around...

Written by Gavin