With little creativity you can achieve curly hair or waves without any heat. Here are 3 very easy techniques you can do at home.

Sleeping in braids are one of the most common ways you can create waves and it is also very easy to do. The biggest bonus is you won’t need to do your hair in the morning, which is always a win. You can try various braids to see how it turns out. You can use a classic 3 strand braid, French, Dutch or even fishtail braids to create a wave in the hair.

Another method great method you can use is the twist and pin technique.

This method is similar to a pin curl. Before you pin the hair twist it first and then pin it up, leave to air dry, take the hair down flip the head upside down to add volume and a soft loose texture. You can use a soft hold hairspray to keep the hair looking fresh all day long.

Using products like curl spray from Leonor Greyls or curl activator from Phillip Kingsley are great to enhance curl. Depending on your texture you can also use a diffuser to help create a soft natural effect.

Written by Anamaria