Who said you can’t give yourself salon perfect hair at home? With a little bit of practice everyone can have salon quality hair. Set aside a little time this week and use this guide to teach yourself how to achieve that fabulous blow dry!


Step 1:

Make sure your hair is clean and freshly shampooed. Combed through with a wide tooth comb, ensuring that all knots are combed out and the hair is smooth.


Step 2:

Make sure to spray a heat protector on the hair to prevent damage and dehydration of the hair during blow drying, we recommend using Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle, a volumizing spray for thin hair, gives volume and fullness whilst protecting the hair against heat styling. Ensure that the hair is about 70% dry before you start blow drying the hair. If the hair is too wet to start off with, it will not give you the results you’re looking for.

Step 3:

Starting in the nape area, working your way up with your round brush, gently following the brush with your dryer, whilst rolling the brush at a 90 degree angle, lifting the hair at the root area to give you some volume. Over directing the hair, in other words, in the opposite direction the hair is going to fall. Ensure the ends are smooth and shiny. 

Secure the rolled section of hair with a pin curl clip or bobby pin. When the hair cools down in this pinned position, it sets the hair. This allows a more professional long lasting blow dry.


Step 4:

Once the hair has cooled, gently remove your clips/pins, giving the hair a soft brush or comb, to loosen the sections and merging the hair together. For extra volume, spray a little hairspray on the root area and gently back comb the hair for that extra lift! To finish I use Leonor Greyl, Voluforme Spray for volume, shine and hold, can be used on wet or dry hair.

There are lots of blow dry tips and products, as every hairstylist has their preferred way of blow drying, but make sure you have the right tools and products and don’t over saturate the hair with sprays and mousse.


If you’d like a more in depth guide on blow drying then please watch our IGTV ‘How to create the perfect curly bouncy blow dry’