While some people are born with a slightly rounder face than others, there are ways to make their face appear slimmer. Just a few beauty and hair tips can make the rounder face appear more oval and thinner.

Let’s start with the way you wear your hair. A bit more volume on top, created by a round brush can make the face look slimmer. It doesn’t need to be super voluminous hair, but a bit of volume is a great and easy way to start, add some mousse to damp hair before blow drying your hair. Dry the hair in the opposite direction than you want it to fall to create some lift on the root area.

Avoid haircuts that are too layered in the face or on the cheek, and especially a jawline bob haircut. Rather go for an angled bob, below the jawline if layers aren’t your thing.

Try and avoid having a heavy fringe or bangs. If you need to have some hair in your face, go for longer and softer pieces or bangs. This will soften the look and create a slimmer, softer appearance.

When it comes to hair colour, try and avoid solid blocky dark shades, add some lightness to the hair by incorporating balayage or baby lights, even if it’s just a few shades lighter than the dark base. Hair colour can create wonders, it will add some movement, dimension, shine and softness. Solid dark shades work best on strong blunt, structured haircuts (these normally have a sharp fringe, which is the last thing you want if you’re trying to create a slimmer looking face).


When it comes to make up, this is where you can really create miracles. Starting with the eyebrows. Make sure your eyebrows are the right shape for your face, avoid super thin over plucked eyebrows. Slightly thicker, angular eyebrows make the face appear slimmer, adding a tint to your brows can change the appearance dramatically, in a good way if you don’t go too dark!


Change the shape of your eye by opting for the cat-eye shape. This will elongate and lift the shape of your eye making the face appear leaner. And while we’re on the subject of make up, learn how to contour, by using highlighter and bronzer, you can accentuate your jawline, nose and cheekbones. This will transform the shape of your face in a matter of minutes, creating a lean, slim face shape!