You and Gustav have such great chemistry. What’s the secret?

GD: Well, we’ve known each for years, since we both lived and worked in South Africa, and I think we are on the same page regarding how we approach styling: whatever we do must work for our clients in everyday life. In terms of our personalities we are quite different though - I’m the yin to Gustav’s yang!

What is it you love most about your role at Gustav Fouche?

GD: Getting to know my clients and working with them on their hair journey. That includes maintenance and hair health as well as a great cut and colour.

You also have an impressive following with the boys...

GD: Well I work hard to create a unique look tailored to their personalities and style. My cuts have a trendy edge, not just a quick short back and sides. I love sculptural cuts, sharp layers with a hint of drama. The guys receive the same service as our female clients - an hour in my chair, advice on products and aftercare - and they leave looking cool and feeling confident.

How has lockdown affected what clients want?

GD: It’s all about colour maintenance right now - nobody wants unsightly regrowth lines. I think clients are looking for a softer and more natural tones; subtle highlights (dirty blondes) that blend as the hair grows out.

Well you are a whizz with colour... 

GD: Ha! I enjoy the science of mixing and blending and how, with knowledge, you can achieve any colour. I am on a Wella training program constantly learning new tricks and techniques. But it's not just about colour, the health of the hair is of equal importance. I’ve turned clients away whose hair is too brittle to bleach despite their begging!

Do you have a favourite client?

GD: I love ALL my clients! But a client who walks in wanting a radical change is a dream come true. I also love my ‘grey’ ladies. It can be fun playing with whites and silver tones to give their hair a real lift.

What’s hot for 2021?

GD: Bolder, brighter, blondes and richer tones.

Is there a celebrity whose hair you would love to cut?

GD: Prince Harry! He has the perfect hair. He looks great but I’d like to make him look sharper, younger and more trendy.

Tell us about your own personal style...

GD: I like clean lines and colour blocks in a fairly neutral palette. My favourite designer is Tom Ford and my scent is Fuel for Life by Diesel.