This new styling service is aimed at equipping clients with life-changing personal and professional style and clothing systems to totally change the way they look and feel.

Isobel and Rachel saw a need to enable women to become their own stylist. An idea born last March when the world changed, they felt that it was important to empower women to take control of their wardrobes, by creating easy to watch masterclasses packed with essential tips by experts.
People underestimate the psychology of clothing, and today it is more important than ever to feel positive. This can be worked on in so many ways, however, the great thing about wearing the right clothes is that they give you instant results! We share all our expertise in comprehensive and fun masterclasses with the addition of back up style notes to ensure your learning experience is effortless fun and gets the results.

We know that getting the use out of our clothes has become a challenge during the last year, and the last thing we want is for women to slip into comfy loungewear and lose sight of themselves. Loungewear is great when put on after a long day at work, and that is why it is called loungewear – for the purpose of relaxing and lounging on the sofa! If we wear it all day, our energy levels will go through the floor and our ability to feel vibrant and achieve a goal diminishes.

We want to urge women to take this time to reassess their wardrobe and use it as a positive mindset and motivator to help them through the day.

The Wardrobe Refresh Masterclass

We have created a MASTERCLASS VIDEO that does just that! women will feel like they have their very own professional stylists in the room with them guiding them through how to reorganise their wardrobe for their lifestyle today. We ensure that you use your own clothes and refresh them rather than need to go and buy anymore. It stops impulse unsuccessful purchases and ensures you only buy something that is key to completing your wardrobe.

For the investment of £10 and half a day to focus on this task, they will feel it is one of the most cathartic and uplifting experiences that they will have had for a while. women can then start the day feeling inspired, more in control and ultimately more organised. They will now be inspired to put together more of a variety of looks that they can wear at home. They will look fabulous and feel amazing as a result. Its simple. Easy to follow and the results are instant!

We aren’t in control of many things at the moment such as our hair or manicure or even our jobs, but one thing that we are in control of is our image and wardrobe.

Body Shapes Masterclass

In response to how women feel about their body shapes, Isobel and Rachel felt the need to make the BODY SHAPES MASTERCLASS a priority.
These Style Experts understand that women can feel down about a few extra pounds they may have put on especially during the start of Covid. Whilst exercise and healthy eating are an absolute must, Isobel and Rachel have also created the essential body shape masterclasses for each body shape. Once you start practising all the tips and tricks you have learnt in the masterclass, you will instantly look 10 pounds lighter without having to stop that glass of wine.

So many women choose to hide their body in swathes of fabric and tend to then wear neutral colours which is a slippery slope. Throw in loungewear, and the long-term effects could be rather disastrous!
We believe that investing your time now in yourself and what you wear, reaps an abundance of positivity. Clothing is powerful and is attached to our mindsets. Becoming disciplined in upleveling what you wear, will ensure increased motivation, energy and happiness. If you are not sure about your body shape, they have devised a quick and easy quiz that will tell you what you are. The next step is to invest in the masterclass, download the pdf of essential style notes, grab a cup of coffee and indulge in a fun focussed and some have said life-changing masterclass.

Feel inspired, energised, and motivated!
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Photography by Nicky Johnston