It is very easy to stay in bed, (all day for that matter) during these tough and challenging times. Staying positive and focused is something a bit far in reach to most of us, but here is just a few ideas and tips which can help change the way we think and address these lockdown blues. 

Number 1

Show appreciation and gratitude, be grateful for what you have and remind yourself how blessed and fortunate you are - your environment, music and your loved ones.

Number 2

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, give yourself a break. Every now and then it’s okay to have an ‘off’ day or rest day from your training regime. Eat the naughty sweet things or have that extra glass of wine, live a little, I always say!!!

Number 3

Make sure you surround yourself with positive people and energy. Make sure these are people who support you and allow you to grow a person, partner or lover. The journey to self improvement requires a lot of growth and positivity. 

Number 4

Eliminate negative thoughts. This can connect to the previous paragraph. Positive thoughts breeds positive energy. Make sure you keep yourself busy with activities and tasks that makes you happy and be creative. 

Number 5

Offer a helping hand to others. Again all about supporting each other. This can be a true sense of achievement, helping someone else who needs a kind word or a phone call. (Or even a virtual hug, yes it’s a thing) 

Number 6

Change is sometimes a good thing. I think we can all relate to this over the past year. Adapting to a new situation is a means of growth, letting you outside your comfort zone and forces you to make change and create a new way of living! 

Number 7

Lastly, quit your old, bad habits. Get rid of a habit that holds you back or make you feel less worthy of success and health, whether that is self sabotage, bad eating habits, quitting smoking or spending too much money.



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Written by Gavin