It’s all coming back and dominating the pages of the latest glossy magazines. Auburn, chestnut, coppers, golden blondes, copper blondes, you get the idea where I’m going with this... The warmer copper shades and lighter apricot blondes are back in and the natural redheads are very much in fashion and have hair envy wherever they go. 


From sultry reds, strawberry shades, firecracker red and chestnut browns all these beautiful warm shades will create a statement and head turning response. Maintaining these shades are very simple, a monthly root touch up with a colour glossing or toner on the mid lengths and ends will ensure you have a bright, rich and glossy colour. 

For the daring at heart and a quick change lady, a soft pastel pink or rose gold toner is very effective and fun, this colour can be achieved if you have a light base colour or highlights/balayage. A toner is applied over the hair, which shouldn’t take longer than 25 minutes. The toner will gradually fade lighter in colour, keeping in mind the condition of the hair, home care products and maintenance. This is a great summer-fix.


The lucky natural redheads can add some summer lightness with a few fine highlights around the face or some balayage, again just a few shades lighter than the base colour, aiming for sandy, golden, honey like tones. Adding some waves and you have a perfect beach bohemian look! 


For the brown hair ladies out there who’d like to make a statement with a richer hair colour, add some chocolate brown shades to your colour for a rich velvet-like shade. This is a particularly good match if you have a fair complexion.

For the naturally dark red brunettes, adding some lighter highlights through your hair will create a beautiful summery look with movement and depth. Just a couple of shades lighter than the natural base colour, keeping the warmer blonde tones creating a warm shiny glow. 


Models, magazine covers and countless Instagram posts are full of redhead beauties, different shades and styles, but one thing is for sure it’s definitely here to stay whether its an innocent natural redhead or a strong bold statement shade of burgundy