With summer around the corner (well one has to be optimistic) and self-isolation is a distant memory, it is of great importance that you take good care of your hair, especially whilst on holiday somewhere sunny and exotic.

Here’s a few summer tips to ensure you have beautiful hair at the start and end of your summer holiday:

~ Keep an eye on the chlorine when you are regularly  swimming. This can cause dryness and damage to the hair, making the hair brittle and easy to break

~ Use a sun care product on your hair during the holiday period. Good sun care ranges will have a SPF  for extra protection against  colour fade and sun damage.

~ Do regular post sun/swim treatments and masques, this will keep the hair hydrated and full of moisture.

~ Wear a hat, when you’re lounging in the sun, cocktail in hand, just for extra protection and damage prevention. The sun can also cause your colour to fade and your blonde can go brassy.

~ Do a twist or an ‘updo’ to make sure not all the hair is exposed to the sun and elements, especially if its windy. The wind and sun can dry the hair out, hence it’s better to have it up and out of harms way.

~ Try and stay away from heat styling, this includes blow drying, tonging or straightening the hair. I know this is a big ask, especially when you want to go out whilst away on holiday. Just go easy on the hair straighteners and keep heat styling to a minimum.

~ Lastly, condition and lots of it, purchase a good conditioner or masque before you travel and apply some in your hair prior to going into the sun and keep it in the hair if you can. This will keep the hair moisturised and hydrated. Once you are done swimming and sun lounging make sure you rinse the hair very well to ensure you get all the product out of the hair.

Like we take care of our skin during the summer time applying SPF and sun protection, the same rule applies for our hair.

Happy hair-holidays everyone !!!