The Leonor Greyl brand uses respectful formulas for customers and the environment, with eco responsible packaging, partnerships to support sustainability and education.

A luxury line of 40 concentrated, unique and natural products. A selection of the highest quality natural ingredients. All products are silicone, paraben, sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) free. With continuous research and regularly updated formulas. These specialised products are infused with aromatic fragrances of fruits and flowers.

Best of all, environmentally friendly and NO animal testing, these products are carefully and skill fully produced in France.

The 5 golden rules of Leonor Greyl Haircare protocols:

1) Always to be applied on dry hair 

2) The treatment replaces the shampoo

3) Immediate results 

4) For a long lasting results, 5 treatments are recommended

5) Respect the 3 stages of the protocols by applying to the scalp, then the lengths and ends, and lastly the protocol for the leave in treatment.

Customers will experience innovation and efficiency with personalisation to their hair and scalp needs. The results of luxury, emotion and sensorially from root to ends. Treatments include hydration for dry sensitised hair, balancing treatment for scalp problems, volume for thin hair and soothing treatments for sensitive or dry scalp. With an invigorating treatment for hair loss, perfect for male baldness or thinning of hair.


Written by Gavin