We're all craving that sizzling summer getaway. That sensation of soft sand between your toes, the heat of the sun against your skin, long indulgent lunches followed but obligatory siestas… But there’s something else we’re longing for and that’s the feeling of returning home revived, with vitamin D levels topped up to max and positively glowing with gorgeous sun-kissed hair. But with holidays on hold there’s only one place left to get that coveted holiday hair look and that’s our salon!

We're all about summer colour and conditioning to give your locks a makeover that wouldn’t look out of place on the beaches of the south of France. Our conditioning treatment plan will not only add UVA protection but also essential proteins to help each strand lock in moisture. To brighten things up, our special 'Air Touch' colour technique - not dissimilar to Balayage - will blow away soft hairs rather than traditional teasing and backcombing to achieve a seamless and more natural colour blend. Sun-kissed holiday hair done!

We also have some product top tips and suggestions from Masa, our Leonor Greyl expert to add into your summer hair routine.

1. Huile de LEONOR Greyl (hair oil)

One of the most famous sun protection and summer must have item is Huile de LEONOR Greyl ( hair oil ) is a protection from the sun. Protect hair colour against sun, protection from chlorine, and it is a hair masque so it’s good to apply under the heat to penetrate the inner layer of the hair. 

2. Serum de Soie 

Even Ecrat Naturelle has a UVA,UVB protection but this is more like a city sun protection. 

3. Huile de Magnoria (body oil)

Huile de Magnoria ( body oil ) is a after care from the sun, it is great for nourishing and calm down the sun damage or irritation.