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Through discussion, Iona likes being blonde and the shaping around her face however needs it long enough that she can tie it up for her active lifestyle. Gustav discusses Iona’s face shape to achieve the perfect and flattering haircut whilst freshening up her look and showcasing her beautiful jawline. Removing the heaviness around the front will soften the hair and create hair which is easy to style

For the colour, Gustav wanted to brighten up the hair keeping it a golden blonde to warm up Iona’s paler skin tone. It is very important to take into account eye colour and skin tone when selecting the perfect hair colour for your client. Gustav used our salon trending colour technique ‘Sunset Touch’.


Bella wanted a hair change, looking to go shorter and also move the colour towards the blonde direction. Gustav cut the hair into a shorter ‘cool girl’ bob which refreshed the whole look, adding some movement and shaping around the face for movement.

For the colour, Gustav did classic balayage to prevent being a regrowth but also toned the roots to be warmer but keep the blonde through the ends.


Chloe thought her hair was getting a little too long and wanted to refresh the ends. Gustav discusses Chloe’s face shape to achieve the perfect and flattering haircut whilst freshening up her look and showcasing her beautiful cheekbones and jawline. To open up the cheekbones he cut to the collarbone to add some volume and bounce.

For the colour, Gustav wanted to continue with Chloe’s previous pink tones. Needing to bring the roots up but use the salon trend ‘sunset touch’ with dusty pink tones.


Nancy visited for a cut and colour, she had been travelling so her hair colour had regrowth. She also discussed the texture of her hair. For the cut, she wants to still keep it long. Gustav discussed her face shape with a strong jawline and beautiful eyes so wants to enhance this. He added some movement through the front with a grown out fringe look to emphasise the cheekbones.

For the colour, he took into account her cooler skin tone so went for a neutral blonde tone. He kept some root to keep the eyes a focus to create a ‘bright dirty blonde’.