The newest colour trend all the A-listers are showing off... Vanilla Cola. Picture this: a captivating brunette canvas, rich and inviting, adorned with creamy blonde ribbons that dance like rays of sunlight. This spellbinding technique is designed to transform your hair into a mesmerising play of contrasts, much like the foam on an ice-cold vanilla cola. 

Vanilla Cola is achieved with a symphony of fine slices and delicate weaves, a true masterpiece of hair craftsmanship. Free-hand painted ribbons weave through the lengths and ends, infusing your hair with extra brightness and dimension. 

No matter the texture of your hair – be it straight, wavy, or curly – this technique works its magic, enhancing your natural beauty with every twist and turn. Embrace the warmth of a brunette base, kissed by the sun's embrace, and experience a hair transformation like no other.

Step into a world where contrasts collide, where dark and light intertwine, and where your hair becomes a canvas of brilliance. Book an appointment now!