Facialist Beata from The Skin Studio hopes you changed your home skincare products to nourishing and comforting over the frosty days.

Also she is thrilled to introduce the newest addition to their wellness family: Anabel Soravito, a massage therapist and reflexologist with over 14 years of expertise. She will be offering her rejuvenating services every Wednesday at the Notting Hill Studio located in Gustav Fouche.

Anabel specialises in treating musculoeskeletal aches and pains, injury recovery, tension headaches, TMJ and different disorders caused by stress. She helps busy city office workers, sports people, pregnant women in their journeys, as well as helping with a wide range of disorders that affect people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Book in this December with Beata or Anabel at the Skin Studio by visiting @beatadurtun and hit the book button.