As summer approaches, it's time to rejuvenate your hair with the season's hottest colour trends. At Gustav Fouche, we believe in making every client feel their best with luxurious treatments and the latest in hair fashion. Here’s a guide to the top colour trends for this summer.

1. Sun-Kissed Balayage

This season, natural and sun-kissed balayage is making a comeback. Perfect for those looking to add depth and dimension, this technique mimics the natural highlights created by the sun. It's low maintenance and grows out beautifully, making it ideal for a carefree summer vibe.

2. Pastel Hues

From soft pinks to gentle lavenders, pastel shades are a fun way to add a pop of colour to your hair. These shades are perfect for those wanting to make a statement without committing to a bold colour.

3. Rich Brunettes

Deep, chocolatey browns with subtle highlights can add warmth and richness to your look. This classic colour is versatile and adds a touch of sophistication.

4. Golden Blondes

Golden, honey-toned blondes are perfect for summer, giving a warm and radiant glow. This shade works beautifully with sun-tanned skin and light, breezy summer outfits.

5. Bold Reds

For the daring, bold reds and coppers are in vogue. These fiery hues are striking and add a sense of drama and confidence to your style.