At Gustav Fouche, we pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of hair fashion, and we're excited to introduce the newest sensation in hair colour: the Golden Hour trend. This vibrant, sun-kissed look is inspired by the magical light just before sunset, and it's set to become a favourite among our clients.

What is the Golden Hour Trend?

The Golden Hour hair colour trend encapsulates the warm, bronzed hues that illuminate the sky during the last hour of sunlight. This trend is all about creating a glowing, radiant look that flatters all skin tones and hair types, adding a touch of sunlit brilliance to your hair.

Why will you love it?

1. Universal Appeal

Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or a redhead, the Golden Hour trend has a shade that will enhance your natural beauty. The colour seamlessly blends with your base shade, creating a multidimensional, sunlit effect that’s perfect for summer and beyond.

2. Versatility

The Golden Hour palette includes a range of tones, from soft rosé golds for blondes to rich bronzed highlights for brunettes. This means you can customise the look to suit your personal style, whether you prefer subtle highlights or a more dramatic transformation.

3. Healthier Hair

Our team use Wella Professionals' advanced colouring techniques and products, such as the Koleston Perfect and Illumina Color ranges, we ensure that your hair remains healthy and vibrant. These products are designed to provide exceptional colour while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

How we achieve the look

For Blondes

Our stylists create a Golden Hour Rosé look by blending rosé roots into golden blonde lengths. This reverse ombre effect delivers a bold, summery brilliance that’s perfect for those looking to add a touch of pink to their blonde hair.  

For Brunettes

The Golden Hour Bronze look involves adding bronzed balayage highlights to dark hair, giving it a lit-from-within luminosity. This look is achieved using Koleston Perfect to lighten and tone in a single step, followed by a SHINEFINITY glazing service for extra glow.

Inspiration for your next appointment

Here are some stunning variations of the Golden Hour trend to inspire your next salon visit:

1. Glow-Boosting Red Blonde

Combine darker natural roots with peachy, sun-kissed lengths for a low-lit, luminous effect.

2. Strawberry Sunrise Waves

Achieve a mermaid-like mane with strawberry blonde tones that reflect light beautifully.

3. Golden Copper Curls

Perfect for those with curly hair, this look adds copper brilliance for a true golden hour delight.

At Gustav Fouche, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream hair. Our expert colourists are ready to personalise the Golden Hour look to suit your unique style and preferences. Book your appointment today and step into the light with the radiant Golden Hour trend.