A keratin treatment is a cosmetic product of the beauty industry to remove frizz from the hair, improve hair colour and shine, leaving the hair looking healthier and smoother. 

How long does a keratin treatment last? As long as you take good care and not washing your hair too frequently, it should last about 3 to 4 months (in some cases a bit longer depending on the product used and condition of the hair).

Some keratin treatments release formaldehyde when heated, but many good, reliable treatments are formaldehyde-free. Regardless of this, keratin treatments dive into the hair follicle and inject porous areas of the hair with keratin (hair protein). Hair looks and feels much healthier from just 1 treatment. 

Keratin treatments are very different from chemical relaxers/straighteners. The latter is permanent and keratin treatments are temporary, they wash out of the hair over a period of time. Instead of altering the chemical composition of the hair, keratin treatments inject the porous parts with protein, whereas chemical relaxers break the bonds in curly hair, for the hair to become weaker and straighter.

Unlike chemical-straightening relaxers, it is perfectly safe to colour your hair before or after a keratin treatment. (Having a keratin treatment after your colour might shift your target depth slightly, hair colour appear a bit lighter).

At Gustav Fouché we use a product called, DiscovHair. 
DiscovHair has taken keratin treatments to the next level, with two varieties - flexible & smooth and intense. DiscovHair have added Poly Saccharide seaweed, a 100% natural bio-product, to protect the disulphite bonds and minimises discomfort. 

Odours and fumes are decreased thanks to the medical standards of this product, without losing it’s high calibre results.

*** TIP: I recommend a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for maintaining your keratin treatment. Avoid using salt-based sprays for beach wave hairstyles.

Not recommended for pregnant woman!


Written by Gavin.

Images credited to the Gustav Fouche Salon.