Having beautiful thick hair is a gift that many people would wish for! Although it can sometimes be hard to manage, when you have the right tools and knowledge, your thick hair will look beautiful and luscious every day.


Our first tip is, try to avoid washing thick hair on a daily basis, as this will dehydrate the hair, it will also take forever to dry!


Next, stop running your hands through your hair. This can make the hair feel dirty, stimulating the oil glands and over producing sebum, the natural oil from the scalp. Which in turn results in having to shampoo the hair again.

Invest in a good quality brush or wide tooth comb, cheaper brushes can make the hair static and even break the hair, Tangle Teezer is always a good option when the hair is damp or wet.


Limit how much heat you use on your hair. Too much heat, from hairdryers, straighteners and tongs can dry out the hair if not used correctly, or used with the right product or over drying the hair.


Get a good haircut, some longer layers can remove bulk and weight, creating more movement and ensuring the hair feels ‘lightweight’, avoid short layers if you have very thick or frizzy hair.


When it comes to colour, having a light ombre can make the hair appear thinner and lighter and is great for natural flow of the hair.


Lastly, and one of the most important tips, spend that extra money on a good shampoo and conditioner, it really does make a difference and it will make styling your hair so much easier. A leave-in spray is recommended if your hair tends to go frizzy and dry, avoiding silicone based products at all times!