Many ladies are tempted to have a fringe or bangs at some point. They’re a fantastic way to add some interest and change up your hairstyle, without having to drastically change your hair length or colour! There are many different types of fringes, from blunt heavy fringes to curved side fringes, or even just a soft textured fringe. They can create a statement and frame your face.


Our hairstylist Gavin has put together some guidelines and tips & tricks on how to best maintain your fringe, if you make the decision to get one!

Wash your fringe regularly


With hair hanging in the face and the skin producing natural oils, the fringe can get a bit greasy and dirty quite quickly. So we recommend that you wash your fringe on a regular basis, preferably in between hair shampoos. An easy tip is to shampoo the fringe over the basin, dry and style. Dry the fringe from above, root to ends. Then from side to side, using your fingers. If you need to smooth your fringe, use a round brush and gently dry the hair following your brush with the dryer, without creating too much of a ‘barrel’ .


A dry shampoo is always a lifesaver if you’re someone who has her hands through her hair on a regular basis, this will absorb the natural oils and give the hair some bounce!  


Regular Trims


Fringes need a regular trim to keep it a suitable and comfortable length, your hairdresser would be happy to snip those annoying little ends off until your next full haircut, and we would always recommend seeing a professional rather than trying it yourself! 


Growing out your fringe


Growing out a fringe on the other hand is definitely a process that requires patience. We estimate that it will take around 5 months. Firstly, wait until your fringe has reached your lashes, then your stylist should chop into the hair, not removing any length, just softening the heaviness and making the hair easier to move. The main goal is not to be tempted to chop it back off whilst you’re growing it out, normally by month 2 you’ve reached that very annoying stage, which is of course understandable! But the key word is persistence! Your stylist will guide you through styling options during this difficult stage, and it will all be worth it by month 5! 


A simple haircut can be elevated by a strong blunt fringe, something as simple as having a full statement fringe can change a hairstyle dramatically. If you’re thinking of getting a fringe, then we would recommend you chat to your hairstylist first, and they can always advise you!