So here we are again, back to the DIY haircuts and colour. This morning when I was shaving my own hair and trimming back my beard, it dawned on me to write about why I think guys should shave their hair, and why I shave my own. Well, the reason why I shave mine is that there ain’t much left of top to be honest!

Doing it yourself at home during lockdown days require a good, reliable trimmer, these are actually quite difficult to get hold of these days unless you’re willing to spend some good money to buy one.

So it had me thinking why do some guys shave their hair - well religion is a good reason for some guys, losing your hair (especially thinning hair on top) and so is uniform regulations, for instance, guys in military or airforce positions. The latter positions definitely represent respect, confidence and power. 

When you decide to shave your hair in the case of thinning hair, that can definitely give you a boost in confidence, make you appear stronger and more masculine. Taking the focus away from your thinning hair or trying to hide hair loss. Another add on to this is introducing hats and caps into your wardrobe - stylish hats to sports caps can change your look with one simple accessory.

If you just want a change and reinvent your style, shaving your hair is a great way to look and feel like a new man, a change is sometimes a great way of shining a bit of light on a sombre situation.

Shaved hair and beards go almost hand in hand together - the one complimenting the other. You can shape your beard to the structure of your face, for instance, removing thickness on the sides, this will create a leaner face shape, blending the beard into the hair.

So if you ever considered shaving your hair, due to any reason of your own or just want a short haircut during lockdown - now would be the perfect time, you might just unleash a stronger, confident and mature version of yourself.
So get buzzing!!!

By Gavin