With so many products and techniques available to us at the click of a button and constant DIY videos popping up on your instagram feed, we can have a quick hair change within the hour, which although is great, there are the downsides to making such quick decisions about changing the style or colour of your hair... 

Over processing of the hair is something that can happen very quickly and without any effort, or the lack thereof. It is super important to make sure the integrity of the hair is always considered, especially when it comes to hair lighteners and previous services on the hair. Overlapping of the hair is so easy when trying to cover up a regrowth, darker bands appear from colour on top of colour, this is very visible around the hairline. This can be rectified, but it’s an intensive and costly process. Like any other chemical service on the hair, this comes with the risk of damage and dehydration of the hair.


Before: Removing dark band from overlapping colour


After: Root touch up and lengths and ends refresh


Touching up highlights and over processing previously lighter strands can result in breakage and very weak hair. Only new regrowth or natural strands should be lightened, volume of peroxide and processing time is of paramount importance. Weak damaged hair does not like heat styling tools like hair dryers, irons or tongs and should be used at a minimum until the hair is stronger and in better condition. Chemically damaged hair requires regular deep conditioning treatments and should be air dried to avoid any more damaged or fragile hair.

Before you consider doing your own hair at home to save time and money, do have a think if it's really worth it in the long run, as trying to get the hair back to ‘normal’ might cost you way more in both money and time.