With the amount of online videos going around lately with guys doing the ‘quarantine shave’ due to the current lockdown and social distancing, I can’t help but notice all the guys wearing their hair a bit longer, not trusting themselves or their lockdown partners to shave their heads. So from skin fades to longer around the ears and the back, just growing out their hair is becoming a trend, having longer hair and styling it more messy, using a clay or cream, this is a versatile hairstyle, giving you a few more styling options. Wearing it in a side parting for a more professional look, messy for the weekend or all swept back, with a soft gel, keeping it in place, for when we’re socialising again with our friends and family.

Having a bit more length will create more movement, flow, texture and make the hair appear looser than to when it’s cut short. The other extra option longer hair gives you is having a fringe, which is very fashionable. Soft bangs, long side swept fringe or solid and heavy, the possibilities are there and worth trying out considering what would suit your face-shape and hair texture. On the other hand, you might find yourself using a bit more hair product, which is not a bad thing, it’s just using the correct product for your hair type and personal preference, discuss your options with your stylist if you decide to wear the hair a bit longer. So before you reach for the hair trimmers or kitchen scissors, try having your hair a bit longer if your lifestyle allows it, it might give you a completely different new, post lockdown look!