Looking attractive doesn’t need to be complicated, from the way we dress to the way we treat others and carry ourselves. A few daily habits can really make a difference in how you come across to other people.

Let’s start with the face. Having a skincare regimen is a very important start to your day. Using a good cleanser, moisturiser and SPF can really transform the skin. Finding the correct products for your skin type is key, if you’re not sure what to use then we recommend speaking to a dermatologist!

 Haircare, getting a good decent haircut and using good quality shampoo and conditioner is worth the money, make sure you get good advice from your stylist on suitable products custom to your hair needs. 

If you wear glasses, make sure you choose a frame that suits your face. Glasses have become a massive fashion accessory, whether you want to make a statement or are a quirky character who wears dark heavy frames. Parting with those frames you’ve had since high school is probably a good idea, swapping them for an up to date designer frame. Glasses can definitely make you come across more attractive and mature, and oozes sex appeal.

Hands and nails, one can tell loads about a person’s hands, well looked after hands and neatly cut fingernails are very attractive, there is nothing wrong with having a manicure if you’re a gentleman, the word man is not in the word man-icure for nothing! 

Cultivate your poise, sitting up straight, carrying yourself more upright and maintaining a good posture will promote confidence and a strong spirit.

Be engaging towards other people, show interest when meeting new friends or colleagues, asking questions about them as an individual will show you are really interested in them as a person and not just making small talk for the sake of avoiding awkward silence.

Make sure you dress well, this is probably the most important tip! If you struggle with expressing yourself or finding your personal style, hire a stylist for some guidance and advice. This doesn’t require an extra mortgage on your house, but knowing what works for you and how to combine clothing is priceless. Finding a few key pieces of clothing and combining them can really save you a lot of stress and embarrassment. 

Last but not least, eat well, train hard and get enough rest, in order to look better on the outside you need to feel better on the inside!