This haircut might not be for everyone, but somewhere along the line, all of us guys will give it a try and some of us still stick to it. I have been seeing more DIY buzz cuts being done online the past couple of weeks, which sparked the idea to write about this! There are a few different variations to consider, and if you have a skilled person at hand you can look quite trendy.


From all over one length buzz cut, to faded sides, longer on top and super short along the sides and back of the head, there are many different styles to choose from.

The military buzz cut is given to new recruits in the armed forces and is very short all over, preferably a grade one. To make this haircut a bit more fashionable, have the sides skin faded, so the sides gradually blend into the top. Another option for this is having the military cut with a Caesar fringe, the fringe is cut (with the trimmer) horizontal across, making the fringe the statement of this haircut, although you need to have the correct hairline for this. However it’s one of my personal favourites!


Having your beard or facial hair blended into your haircut is a great way of making sure the beard connects with the haircut and doesn’t give the impression that you need to shave, this is great when you have a receding hairline, keep the hair short, sides and back faded with short stubble. The ultimate trendy look for a buzz cut is having the hair bleached, this is such an on trend and striking look, almost anyone can pull this one off! 

If you do like your facial hair, the buzz cut is a great haircut that compliments facial hair, whether you’re a full beard man or you prefer just a bit of stubble, kept neat and tidy, this will give you a professional and fashionable appearance!