Heading on a staycation or jetting off abroad? Beach waves are the ultimate summer holiday hair style to try and SO easy. Get your mermaid hair ready for days at the beach and carry it on into night for cocktails or club nights out, the ultimate day to night look.

What do you need to create this look?

- We recommend using a heat tool beach waver for this style (although we also suggest an alternative heatless version), and we LOVE the BeautyWorks Waver which you can find HERE.

  • - You can also use a dry oil spray or l'huile de leonor greyl oil for a glossy wet look

  • - A salt spray or texturising spray for a matte and more messy beach look.

  • - Finally a wide tooth comb.

Lets get waving!

Step 1: Section your hair to take small sections and put the rest into a high bun.

Step 2: Use the beach waver by taking 1 inch sections and starting at the root clamp the waver onto your hair. Hold for 5-8 seconds and then move the waver down the hair a small amount and clamp again. Repeat the whole way down that piece of hair.

Step 3: Take the next 1 inch section and repeat. Once the whole section is done then take a new section out of the clip/bun and repeat.

Step 4: Once all your hair is waved, it is time to decide on the finish you are after. We love the wet glossy looking waves so take a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands and gently work this through the waves with your fingers. Use a wide tooth comb to break the waves up and to finish the look.

After a more ‘day at the beach’ look? We recommend a salt spray or texturising hairspray. Once you waved your hair, spray one of these sprays and then scrunch your hair up from the ends to work the product into your hair and create a more messy beachy look.

BONUS: Heatless waves

Want to create a similar effect but without the heat or waver? Just use the traditional braids technique! We recommend washing your hair and waiting until your hair is 90% dry. Then split your hair into 6 equal sections and tightly braiding your hair before going to bed. In the morning you can take the braids out and follow the same steps as above to create your finished and style look.

Looking for a video tutorial? Click HERE to watch an IGTV when Gustav teaches fashion influencer @ultrasophisticate how to use the beach waver.

Photo credits from pinterest. Header image credit found here.