Looking for that perfect and seamless blended blonde? We have the answer with our new colour method Air Touch Colour. We have been obsessing over the results at the salon over the past couple of weeks as we are creating beautiful Scandinavian looking blondes. Not only are the results completely jaw dropping but the process is less damaging than traditional balayage or highlight methods - so a double win!

What is Air touch colour?

Air Touch Colour is a new method which can be used as an alternative to foliage or balayage. It uses a hairdryer to blow shorter hairs (which can often be the more damaged for broken pieces) out of the section to leave the longer and stronger pieces remaining. We then apply the colour onto the remaining hair section.

Plus due to the pieces being more randomly selected with the dryer blowing them, it creates a completely undetectable highlight method which is packed with dimension.

You can see Gustav using this technique in THIS VIDEO.

How to book?

Contact reception to book in for your air touch colour appointment! Make sure you mention you would like this method so that we can allocate the extra time required.

Call 0207 229 1818 / WhatsApp 0730 536 5432 / Email reception@gustavfouche.com