Lighting is an essential part of any home design, one that is often overlooked. It is such a powerful design element and can be manipulated in many fun and interesting ways. Which is why Experience AV Limited have such a passion for interior lighting design.  With the pandemic we have been pulled into spending more time at home and this makes us want to be comfortable and feel good in our homes.

Light sets the mood for everyone, so why not have the ability to create your own moods or scenes in your home that can make you and your family feel the best. Layering light in each room is so beneficial especially now that we are working and spending more time at home.  Light affects everyone so differently so understanding where to place light to get the most out of light, is essential and that is where we come in.  Let’s face it, no one person is the same so why should your lighting be.

Lighting needs to look fabulous and have a purpose.  We can do so much with light and it has been said to have health benefits, so maximize the use of light. The right colour of light can change the mood, emotion, and energy in every room.  Our days are becoming shorter now as we head into winter so be mindful of ways, we can bring light into all the corners of our homes. Being mindful on where you place light and ensuring to choose cleverly designed ceiling lights will transform any room.  Don’t be shy, choose a striking ceiling light in a large room or a gorgeous floor/table lamp - just by adding it to the room it will become a piece of art and be functional at the same time.  You can accentuate any area in the house with elegance and a bit of fun by bouncing light off various materials in the house.  Light should complement your room and be interesting. So - Make it shine.

Experience AV Limited specialises in Home Cinema, Music Rooms, Lighting Design, Automated Blinds / Curtains.  We can help with all aspects of your home. Why not transform a space in your home?  Still want full control over the design but just need guidance, get in touch for a consultation.

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