We continued our monthly series “In Conversation with Gustav” where we invite in an amazing guests to the salon and talk with them on a range of topics! This episode we spoke to Marilise de Villiers Basson, CEO and Founder of ROAR! 



ROAR! is passionate about people living successful, healthy, and happy lives. It’s about making your whole life work and becoming your whole self. 

Marilise is a Performance Coach, Best-selling Author, TEDx Speaker & award-winning Behaviour Change Consultant that specialises in Finance, Technology & Cyber Security Awareness, Culture &
Talent. She’s a podcast host, international keynote speaker & regular podcast guest.

Marilise combines over two decades of experience as a chartered accountant and change consultant in finance, audit and cyber security awareness, culture and talent. She’s led the design and roll-out of global behaviour change programmes in consulting, research and operational delivery roles, across a broad range of industries and disciplines.

Over the last decade, she’s been specialising in addressing cyber security behaviours and culture, encouraging organisations to move away from compliance-led‚ tick box approaches, towards risk-based, people- centric approaches that embed secure mindsets and habits into organisational culture. She emphasises the need for a speak-up culture that allows suspicious behaviour and mistakes to be surfaced and addressed.

This includes 1:1 and group coaching. Marilise’s coaching curriculum is science backed and centred on the strategies and thought
processes of the world’s highest performers. It focuses
on clarity, energy, courage, productivity, influence, and purpose.

Her signature ROAR! Blueprint is designed to:

1. Ignite your authentic purpose

2. Win your inner game (thoughts, feelings)

3. Win your outer game (words, actions)

4. Unleash your authentic voice - your ROAR!

ROAR is a four-step process to having courageous conversations – with others and with yourself. It stands for Recognise, Observe, Assert, Redirect.

To find out more and contact Marilise, please email [email protected]