You might have noticed you hair colour changing several weeks after visiting the salon, so lets talk hair science! Why is it lighter or more orange in tone? This is especially noticeable by clients in the summer with extra exposure to the sun and chlorine in swimming pools.

As soon as we apply colour to hair, oxygen interacts and is what will make the hair change in colour and bring out the pigments underneath the colour which results in the hair appearing lighter or warmer.

How can you maintain your colour?

We recommend a gloss or a toner in the salon every 4 weeks or sooner depending on your hair porosity. The colour change through oxygen cannot be prevents however with colour maintenance services and colour preparation through a better understanding of porosity.

What is porosity?

Porosity is the ability of hair to absorb moisture.

It you think of a road with potholes, it is similar to hair which has experienced heat and damaging processes, we want to fill and smooth those. To help with this, we can use porosity equalisers such as Wella Color Motion. These equalisers will make your colour look shinier and to pop even more because the colour is absorbed evenly. Understanding and preparing for porosity is especially important for our blonde clients as we don’t want the colour to be patchy.