The past few weeks have been packed full of runway shows and top fashion houses showcasing their beautiful new SS23 collections from New York to London to Milan and finally to Paris. At Gustav Fouche we have been looking at hair trends spotted on the runway and how you can create these looks yourself at home to bring some high fashion into your daily hair routine.


A slicked back ponytail is a classic look often seen on the runway, it is timeless and always incredibly chic. This is also one of the easiest to recreate at home, super simple but maximum impact. These ponytails can be worn super high or low at the nape of the neck but the important thing is making sure the hair is pulled back really tight. To achieve the look we recommend using a product with some hold, a lightweight wax, gel or even a mousse is perfect for this.


Another designer playing with slicked back hair was Givenchy however they only slicked back the middle section of hair and kept the sides and ends down. This adds a very different result as it allows for volume to be kept through the sides and also appears more ‘edgy’ - a perfect fit for the new Givenchy collection.

To create this at home, similar to the ponytail, use a product with hold to really slick back that middle section. Secure at the back with a couple of pins in a criss-cross shape.


A trend which will no doubt be all over instagram and worn by influencers this autumn and a retro throwback to days gone by. The messy pigtails can be worn with a roll neck jumper or an oversized blazer, this hair look can definitely be incorporated into your daily hairstyle repertoire for a fun look. To create at home split your hair into two, to keep it chic create a centre parting and use the end of a comb to neatly divide the hair. Then simply tie both sides into low ponytails, have fun with the hair bands you use - we recommend using some embellished ones for some sparkle.


The spiky bun has been spotted worn by many models such as Bella Hadid over the past few months but Michael Kors brought it to the runway this season! The spiky high bun nods to the ever trending Y2K style and is a hairstyle which is taking off! This is a trickier style to create at home but is still achievable. Make sure when twisting into a low bun to leave the ends out and then secure. To create the spike effect, you will need a strong hold gel and to take small sections to form each spike.


For a more elegant and sleek style of bun we saw the beautiful low bun style on the Carolina Herrera runway. This style is beautiful not only in the evenings with a cocktail dress but also in the daytime with a chunky knit and big long oversized coat for that super chic autumn style.

To create this style at home, start with a centre parting and then pull all the hair tightly back and twist your hair into a simple low bun. Secure the hair with a hair elastic and pin away any loose ends to make sure the hair result is polished and sophisticated.


With the Rick Owens show we saw a wet look with colour pigments. Colour glossing is a new take on ‘wash out’ hair colours often played with in the summer with pops of pink or blue. This is a super cool fashion statement with the results being almost a reflective colour but still seeing the original hair colour underneath.

We have a range of Wella Color Touch shades or Shinefinity in the Gustav Fouche salon which can enhance your existing hair colour with a new hue such as dark hair with a blue black (this result is stunning!) or blonde with a pastel candy floss pink tone. To finish recreating the Rick Owens look, slick your hair back with gel or wax et voilà a fashion statement for the autumn.