This month Principal Stylist Gavin shares his hair trends for Autumn/Winter that he is seeing in the salon and trending on social media. Overall he has seen a big desire for hair with less maintenance and a more natural looking result. Lots of brunettes focusing on having rich natural colours or blondes leaning on the warmer side with less silver tones.


For the autumn the 'lived in blonde’ is taking over! Lived in blonde is a softer and more natural looking alternative for blondes, which is very different to the super bright 90s highlights we saw trending in the summer. This was even spotted on Gigi Hadid this year on the Paris Fashion Week runway.

To create this effect you keep the front hairline super bright and light but the rest of the hair a much softer blonde and blended beautifully up to the roots. This means any regrowth will be smooth and seamless without a harsh line.

This lived in blonde is lower maintenance than conventional blondes but can still have the light and brightness around your face but just not from the whole scalp. This is also a great option if you want to give your blonde hair a little bit of a rest for the autumn to focus on improving hair health as there are many options for still refreshing the mid lengths and ends. You can have toners and glosses in the salon which adds freshness to prevent brassiness and blonde losing shine and to boost vibrancy.


This autumn we are also seeing our brunettes turning darker in the salon which equals more rich and expensive looking. With this more intense darker colour, there is a desire to go for a shorter hair cut. A rich dark chocolate brown with a sharp bob or a pixie cut looks super stylish and luxurious.

Often those who have permanent colours might be more prone to allergies and scalp irritation but there are many permanent colour options which are natural alternatives, at Gustav Fouche we love using the Natulique which are natural and more organic but still an oxidative colour. Ask us at your next appointment or book in for a colour consultation at the salon.