During the winter, the weather causes the most damage to the skin. The cold temperatures, wind, and rain test our skin barrier to the limit. A skin barrier is the skin’s immune system - it protects the health of our biggest organ, keeping it fresh and problem-free.

When the immune system weakens, we try to strengthen it by taking vitamins and keeping warm and fit. Our skin can become irritated and dehydrated, sometimes feeling like it can't be managed anymore with the extreme change in weather. It can feel like our regular skincare routine is not enough to maintain a healthy skin condition.

Beata is proud to present a new arrival at the Studio: a collagen supplement that went through the UK's largest dermatological clinical trial ever carried out on a collagen supplement. Ingenious - "the only collagen that works."

This February make sure to book in with Beata to help with all skin matters at The Skin Studio, located upstairs in Gustav Fouche salon.

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